Our Commitment to Integrity

PVG has a long tradition of transforming and adapting to the needs of our customers, but our commitment to integrity remains steadfast. We remain committed to a set of beliefs that guided our founders and their successors, and currently guides employees and representatives of PVG.
It is this commitment that will continue to move us for.
Today, PVG employees and representatives continue to uphold our strong brand and the legacy of integrity that initiated by the founders.
This requires us to conduct business fairly, honestly, and ethically.
For our company to survive and remain successful, we must have a sound set of beliefs that serves as the foundation for our decisions and actions. We must remember that our success, reputation, and brand were developed over time and can be damaged if we do not act responsibly with an uncompromising set of common beliefs.
PVGs reputation for ethical behavior has enabled us to attract and retain the best people and loyal customers; it has opened doors in new and emerging global markets and allowed us to transform our business to meet changing customer needs.